What makes us Different


A Call Center based on Tijuana, México

We have the best and more accesible location, cultural affinity with consumers in the U.S. and Canada, competitive costs, and a solid communications infrastructure.

Besides the benefits of our strategic location (3 hours away driving southbound from Los Angeles CA. (Or 30 minute driving from San Diego int’l airport), we provide best experienced bilingual and bi cultural agents, up to 50% less than the US regular rates.

It is important for us that our company name embodied our day to day actions

Not just with our clients but within our organization, and what better way but to merge the two actions that best channel our vision and values.

The interactions we have with your clients are top priority, we honor and take pride in our name by showing we care and being efficient with their requests. Connempathy has been in business for 8 years and we have earned a solid reputation for ourselves. Our brand is well known in the city and we are currently working for national recognition..

When we say Omni-channel support, we mean it

Our Services to attend and interact with the client are powerful and flexible, and can grow with any business.

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