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Support Agents of the Next Generation

Determining what a uniquely great customer support agent and leader are for the next generation may seem like a challenge, but remember, let’s approach this with a growth mindset. What we think customer support agents do vs. what they should do… We want to ensure we take the best care of our clients with our contact center, and I’m sure you want the same for your business. It’s really the small things that set the stage for happy agents and satisfied customers. Sometimes we complicate things, though, when it comes to our approach prior to contacting our customers or training our agents. Most managers, supervisors, and/or team leaders believe these points are what make for great agents and content customers:
  • They must have grit.
  • Have a politely aggressive approach (what does that even mean?)
  • Do it by the book. AHT, script, and your tone must never change.
  • Don’t spend too much time with the customer. Focus on finishing the current call to jump to the next.
There are constraints that high-volume clients may request, but that can burn out support agents and leave a poor customer experience.

Try these simple things in place of the ones listed:


Be professional and yet empathetic. Grit is just a buzzword for pride and aggressiveness.

Be polite

Give a warm welcome to your customer, and take time to listen to them. Aggression will stress you and aggrieve your customers.

Having a workflow or SOP is fine

However, most of those routines are excuses for corporations not having efficient support strategies. Learn your script so you can speak more naturally with customers. If it takes an extra 30 seconds to wish your customer a wonderful weekend, do it!

Never rush customers off the phone (unless it's that one person shouting for an hour without breathing)

Customers need to be heard and are used to getting brushed off. If you don't address their concerns, questions, or requests with kind consideration of time, they will call back. And they'll call back again and again.

You can sum up all of these points toward improving your support operations in four simple words: empathy, patience, kindness, and humility.
Be the support leader or agent who you'd like to call.
A little empathy, listening, and kind consideration go a long way. Try it!
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