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A Single Innovation That Will Make Customer Service In 2022 Unbelievably Effective.

The future of customer service is going back to the roots of human touch.

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Customer service is one of the most important parts of any brand strategy. One bad experience can lead to permanent damage for your company, but a good experience can lead to lifelong loyalty. In this article, we’ll look at five innovations that will make customer service in 2022 unbelievably effective.

Consumer expectations are constantly evolving, so businesses have to adapt to stay relevant. Here are five innovations that will make customer service in 2022 unbelievably effective.

Online Customer service & how it’s broken

In 2022, customer service will be even more important than ever before. Why? Because the way people shop is changing rapidly. Customers no longer want to call a store for help—they want answers right away, on their own time, and through whichever device they happen to be using at the time. The salespeople will have to be knowledgeable about your products while being able to provide great customer service. In this new age of business competition and unlimited consumer options, you have to adapt to a new way of doing things, or you will fade away into obscurity. In 2022, companies will be going above and beyond for their customers because they have no choice.

For any eCommerce and online business to continue to grow, you must make the human connection. Yet, when you look at most eCommerce sites, they appear dead. You can almost hear tumbleweeds rolling in front of their pages. The lack of personality in today’s eCommerce world leaves a lot of people searching for more fulfilling experiences. The first step is to have an understanding of who your customers are. If you want to build a relationship with your customers, first you should know them well. You can’t just make assumptions about their likes and dislikes, lifestyle, habits, and interests because it will only lead you to failure.

To create a successful customer service strategy for your business, you need to understand your areas of opportunity and be transparent and honest about them. Is all about creating a Continuous Improvement Model that allows you to monitor specific metrics that makes sense to your business, and assuring customer satisfaction is always on top priority.


1st contact resolution

The FCR process covers all interactions between customers and your company’s brand or representatives, from the initial point of contact to the final resolution.

Companies are not successful in solving customer issues because of several reasons. First, they are not trained to do it. They are taught how to sell products or services, but not how to solve issues. This is an important skill that every company representative must learn right away. This can be through phone, email, chat, social media, or any other method.

The second reason why companies don’t solve customer issues is that they don’t have a process that guides them through issue resolution. Every business should have a clear process for solving issues. FCR is about connecting with customers and resolving their problems at the first contact point via any communication channel, and understanding that the customer’s time is valuable. 



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How to improve FCR immediately 

One-Stop Knowledge Base: In a perfect business, this knowledge library should hold all the product knowledge and answers to your most commonly asked questions and be easy to access to all of your customer service representatives.

  • Minimal to Non-customer effort: Reaching out to a customer service rep should be simple and fast, on top of that; as a customer, you shouldn’t need to be required to learn anything or be transferred to several people to get a solution. This is why understanding the importance of each process should be your customer service dept goal, this allows for a better understanding of what requires to be done step by step.
  • Contact Center Solution Structure: Creating a contact solution structure can be challenging, is always better to let the experts do their job, and one of the best solution is to look for companies that specializes in the area. 
  • Go back to the basics: As described in a article by CHRON understanding the basics is essential for success in any field. This basics are Positivnes, Consistency, Friendly language & No arguing. This 4 basic principles will go a long way. 

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