Optimistically Outsourcing: Remote Tech Support

“Working from home and safely connected prevents virus infections from entering a network structure.” These words come from one of our top remote I.T. techs who manage to ensure ironclad network security all from a WFH (remote) office.
Why hiring remote tech support equally or better than a physical in-house team?

Steamline & automation

Remote operated tech enables B2B outsource offices to access a diverse range of perspectives and skills.
The remote nature of operations enables tech to reach a global talent pool leveraging specialized skills and talent.
What to expect from this transition from in-house to remote tech support streamlining and automation?
Reduction of manual errors, enhanced productivity and promoting a better competitive edge through innovation for partnering B2Bs.

Cybersecurity management

Remote teams combat cybersecurity risk through a number of measures such as: monitoring, real-time assistance and guidance to protect against potential vulnerabilities.
Through rigorous risk assessments, remote techs help prevent the spread of infections across a physical network (lateral movement).
Data has shown that remote tech teams have been relatively successful in mitigating risks and safeguarding sensitive data all from a work from home environment.

Round-the-clock availability

Upon asking our own local WFH head of tech how remote helps with 24/7 support; he responded by stating, “Follow the sun support without hassle.
We are able to provide assistance during night shifts easily.
Due to the variety of time zones – remote tech is non-stop.” It’s not efficient to have a tech team in house which can only work one or two shifts daily.
Remote techs are ensuring less downtime and prompt issue resolution on a round-the-clock basis.
Three points here to illustrate why the old ways of tech support are for the dinosaurs.
Why should your office outsource its tech support to a multi-talented, more efficient and more secure remote BPO solution?
The question should be: why not?

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