Reduced Risks Sales with BPO Outsourcing

In our previous blog and newsletter we touched on Experience.
Let’s now delve into how outsourcing to a remote BPO can reduce risks with sales!
  • Quality assurance in outsourced sales agents
  • Securing your data
  • Improving tactics continuously
Inside sales is an expert level trade. It benefits both the outsourced agent and client if done correctly. If in-house sales teams are not quite cutting it; maybe it’s best to consider the following… 
Making a difference three steps at a time

Quality assurance in outsourced sales from vendor to client (B2B):

Your inside sales team should know your product or service without scripting. However, to maintain consistency scripting is often still needed for effective sales with your best clients.
Outsource BPOs (e.g. – Connempathy Contact Center & BPO Solutions) situate strict quality assurance and monitoring procedures.
We want you to trust the voices who represent your recurring customers and to make sure quality is peak.
By employing high standards for recruiting agents, training and operations; BPO sales tend to reduce risk of customer complaints and generate more referrals.

Securing your data:

BPOs know your client data must stay secure and having proper safeguards is mandatory.
To prevent unauthorized access to customer information, BPOs implement: robust access control, encryption methods and adhere to data protection regulations (e.g. – GDPR).
When outsourcing to a BPO, always ask in a discovery call how your client data is being secured.
This method is complementary to the above quality assurance standards.

Improving continuously:

Having a sales team without growth is frustrating.
It’s both the client and vendor’s job to incentive the role with bonuses, commissions and morale boosting activities.
However, that alone may not be enough to see an uptick in KPIs related to growth improvement.
The process is regularly optimized for effectiveness and overall efficiency as a campaign grows.
BPOS focuses on innovation and continuous improvement to ensure you’re reaching those goals as well as your teams.
All three items help B2B vendors better trust that compliance with a BPO is imperative. Reducing risks through data security, quality assurance and ever continuing innovative improvements is all the more reason having an outsourced sales team benefits both parties. Question to those who’ve read this newsletter / blog: how is your in-house sales team currently reducing risk whilst growing?

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