Production Assistant.

Assistant requires great organizational skills and an ability to juggle multiple tasks at the time.

Candidate Profile:

The role of a Production Assistant requires great organizational skills and an ability to juggle multiple tasks at the time while delivering projects in a timely manner. Great written and verbal communication skills are a must since the candidate will be doing data entry on a daily basis and communication with overseas vendors will be an integral part of the job. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Oracle and PLM software are strongly preferred and the candidate must be flexible enough to adapt to different projects and guidelines. The candidate must possess an eye for detail.

Essential Duties:

  • Create purchase orders and set up trim codes.
  • Understand multiple schedules and calendar deadlines and prioritize work accordingly.
  • Understand and communicate any specific sample.
  • Document changes and communicates to cross-functional teams as necessary.
  • Coordination of Ad sample ordering and partners with Merch/PR to ensure timely delivery.
  • Other activities will be assigned as needed.
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