Outsourcing Optimistically: Experience

Outsourcing Optimistically: Experience

Let’s get down to the truth regarding how crucial a great customer experience is when outsourcing to a BPO.

  • How does customer experience enhance brand loyalty?
  • Enhancing the customer journey
  • Aligning experience internally to influence externally

If your teams are not creating a first-class customer experience, your competitors will! 

We’re highlighting brand loyalty, the customer journey, and aligning experience toward top-notch outsourcing relationships!

Loyalty and your customer’s journey Defining terms:

Brand loyalty

An established emotional connection with your brand’s services and/or products

Customer Journey

Your customer’s awareness, feedback, and relationship toward future business interactions

Aligning experience

Do your internal corporate values or statements align externally with a great experience?

Why should these three items matter to the customer experience we provide?

Brand loyalty:

When you cannot wear that brand, like your favorite t-shirt, are you really brand loyal as a customer? Probably not. When a customer can emotionally connect with your brand, they’ll endorse your product. They want to share the good news with neighbors, friends, and family alike. Brand loyal customer support means that those you hire for customer support likewise love your product or service. If they’re not connecting with your customers emotionally about the product or service, there’s a strong chance they’re not representing your brand properly. Thus, brand loyalty decreases, and customers start feeling detached. How long until that detachment leads to your customers choosing a competitor whose support is on par with their loyalty? Clients tend to avoid outsourcing to BPOs that staff agents who aren’t willing to wear their product or service with every customer interaction for this reason.

Customer Journey:

If your brand loyalty results in referrals, this starts a new customer journey essential to positive customer experience and retention. They learned about your product or service from a trusted referral, and now you’re growing brand awareness. What’s next, then? You should anticipate that your new customers’ journeys will lead them to drop some feedback about your business. When BPOs employ optimistic customer support (who provide an A-grade experience) combined with that ‘wow!’ factor with the product or service. It’s imperative that you give room for the customer to leave feedback. That could be through additional word-of-mouth referrals or leaving a review or testimonial about your service publicly. If the customer experience was outstanding, you’ll find that these customers become repeat or permanent consumers.

Aligning internal experience for a positive external experience:

The BPO you’ve outsourced your support to must internally embrace the experience being provided. It’s all too often that internal leadership is not properly motivating or giving proof, which would give voice, chat, or email support agents reason to provide a proper experience. Or, the leadership believes in the client’s product or service, but you have front-line agents who don’t share the love for the brand. You must fix this today! If there are internal issues that will negatively impact brand loyalty and the customer journey, it’s time to clean house. Those who train leaders need to wear the brand like they were born with it. If trainers, managers, supervisors, and/or team leads aren’t inspiring the customer-facing agents, how can you expect there to be a great experience? Put that fire of passion for the brand into your internal staff to align with external outreach. Failure to do so will lead customers away and end B2B relationships with BPOs.

Too long; didn’t read: Here’s the short version of the homework on optimistic experience

Brand loyalty shouldn’t just be projected by the client's business. If you’re outsourcing to a BPO and their agents represent the brand, Call, email, or start a chat with your outsourced staff to ensure they’re instilling brand loyalty with your best customers. If you’re not impressed, your customers likely aren’t either, and it’s time to consider other outsourcing options.

Customer journey experience that starts with awareness, which should evoke customers to leave positive feedback. When the customer experience is a happy one, expect repeat customers to grow as a result. When the journey’s rocky (poor customer experience), don’t be surprised to find your customers window shopping with your competitors.

Internal and external experience from leadership and other outsourced staffing. In short, if the hired outsourced leadership or agents don’t internally share a positive experience, it’ll leak externally, resulting in a poor customer experience. This leads many businesses to withdraw operations from outsourced BPOs.

Outsource optimistically. Emotionally connected. Brand loyal.
Three ways to broaden your path toward better B2B experiences and long-lasting business relationships!

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