Executive assistant.

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Candidate Profile:

The role of Administrative Assistant requires a team-oriented mentality and an ability to comprehend and embrace organizational structure and team objectives. A sense of organization and strong written and verbal communication are a must, since the candidate must be able to prioritize multiple tasks and be in contact with several executives at the time. Superior Microsoft Office skills are required, and the candidate must be flexible enough to familiarize themselves with software specific to the company. This is a position in which discretion is indispensable.

Essential Duties:

  • Manage calendars, schedules, and emails for the CEO and senior executives.
  • Oversee meeting coordination across multiple time zones, schedule and book conference calls, rooms, restaurants, etc..
  • Arrange international travel preparations for senior executives and teams.
  • Coordinate events, planning, and off-sites.
  • Keep track of expenses and reconcile reports.
  • Revise and update office procedures and employee handbooks.
  • Maintain email distribution lists and contact lists.
  • Collaborate with other assistants to conduct requests and queries.
  • Other activities will be assigned as needed.
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