Digital Asset Coordinator.

Asset Coordinators play a critical role in the management and “organization” of a company’s digital assets. They are responsible for organization’s digital assets.

Candidate Profile:

This role requires the candidate to be comfortable with technology and design-related software such as Adobe’s Creative Suite to create images, illustrations, logos, and other visual elements. Communication skills are vital since they must be able to convey a message in a visually pleasing manner. Creative thinking is necessary for such a role. Strong organization and self-management skills will be necessary for the candidate since they will be dealing with a high number of assets at the time. Candidate must be able to give constructive feedback in workflows and processes on a weekly/monthly basis.

Essential Duties:

  • Assist with color correction, matching image color with fabric and other visual corrections as needed.
  • Organize and manage files and deliver them with the proper naming convention.
  • Deliver assets within deadlines as requested.
  • Maintain all visual elements within guidelines before submitting for final assessment.
  • Communicate effectively with overseas teams to ensure a smooth workflow and delivery of assets.
  • Comfortably work with a high volume of assets with a deadline-driven mindset.
  • Other activities will be assigned as needed.
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