Customer acquisition analyst.

Planning and developing social media campaigns, that have a real and tangible impact.

Candidate Profile:

The candidate must be highly knowledgeable in all forms of social media channels and digital platforms, as their role has the objective of acquiring new customers through such channels. Proactivity and self-management are imperative qualities for the job as well as superb writing and grammar skills. Immersing in the company culture and strategic thinking are critical parts of the role. Previous working knowledge with MS Office is strongly preferred.

Essential Duties:

  • Leading social media efforts through campaigns, emails, blogs, etc…
  • Monitor and analyze customer engagement in social media to optimize online marketing performance and reporting to the manager on a weekly/daily basis. (ROI)
  • Interacting with an online audience by replying to comments, emails and other forms of communication.
  • Building compelling visual content for all social media platforms.
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies to entice customers to acquire the company’s products.
  • Define and hone channel specific image and copy requirements.
  • Handle campaign management tools to create multiple iterations and tests in order to hone advertising efforts.
  • Other activities will be assigned as needed.
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