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AI Agents vs Human Agents
November 7, 2018

Which One is better for Your Business?


What do you do if I tell you that 64% of consumers say that they expect for companies to respond to them in real time? With all the advantages that technology offers, your clients are used to obtaining information, when they want and how they want. If you can’t provide them with a prompt answer, in real time, they probably will find a company who does it. In the fight for brand loyalty, exemplary customer support is the ultimate trump card, that’s why you have to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you.

You have to offer support on several different channels. Popular support channels include telephone, email, social media, live chat, video, forums, and self-service knowledge bases. With so many choices, it’s hard to know what direction to take your company in.In this post, we’ll go over Omni-channel and Multi-channel support: What’s the difference between both customer supports? And, Which one is right for your business? Let’s begin with Multi-Channel Support, What is it? Multichannel customer support is provided across more than two channels. A company that has multichannel support offers customers multiple ways to interact with them. That way, businesses can meet customers on the channel that they prefer using.


In Multichannel, the conversations on these different channels are taken on by entirely different agents. And this is exactly the difference between both.

Let’s talk now about Omni-channel Support. In Omni-channel Support, customers are offered numerous ways to interact with companies, like it’s multichannel counterpart, but omni-channel connects the experiences across the channels by making the customer experience completely seamless. Omnichannel customer support takes multichannel customer support to the next level. Social media, live chat, email, ticketing, phone, you name it. They’re all connected in an omni-channel setting.

With Omni-channel Support the customer experience is entirely consistent regardless of the channel used to get in contact with a company. Agents can share context and notes about the customer’s concerns and actions during previous interactions with all agents and channels: customers don’t have to repeat their issues more than once.

So how do you know whether omni-channel or multi-channel support is the better choice for your business?


By offering different support channels, you make it simple for your customers to get what they need when they need it. You’re available for them on the support platform they prefer. Both omni-channel and multi-channel support involve offering support on different channels. But they’re not the same thing.
Omni-channel support connects all different customer service channels. Agents can share information about interactions with one another across channels. In a Multi-channel support doesn’t include connected channels, so there’s not much information into how customers have interacted with your support in the past. No matter the support method you choose, make sure you offer as many support options as you can across as many different channels as possible.

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