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October 19, 2018
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February 5, 2019

AI Agents vs Human Agents

AI agents vs Human agents: The Call Center Battle for Empathy and Human Interactions

What is the future of Call Centers?

Is AI going to take control over how we live and how we interact?

These questions made me investigate and look at some of the possibilities.  First I researched businesses articles related to AI. In an article titled “Exploring AI’s Impact on Call Center Operations” by Rick Britt, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at CallMiner, has said that  

“Artificial intelligence can help improve agent job performance and decrease mundane tasks — not to mention delight customers.” Call Centers

In the article, he speaks about how AI can’t perform more than one task at the time unless we teach it to via instruction or programming. He thoughts are comparable to that of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Edison expressed the virtues of experimentation, trial, and error., similar to how AI (no matter how advanced), learn from. Ford, a pioneer within assembly lines, expressed that people learn and improve by focusing on a single task. However, unlike artificial intelligence in this area,  humans are prone to boredom.

Call Centers

Rick provides several scenarios to explain how AI will not take over jobs in the Call Center Industry but will improve and enhance the service Ares such as removing the data acquisition portion or other mundane tasks of the call This allows the human agent to focus more on the customer interaction, something AI has yet to excel at. A relevant example is the McDonalds Drive-thru, This AI assistant will  translate the customers orders via voice input, so the customers order can be translated and sent to the human managed, billing and food preparation systems, As the above process shows, there are some are some limitations and insufficient data to allow AI to Interact freely with Us. However as AIs continue to grow, that gap is narrowing.

What I learned from my research into my Initial question(s) is as follows

What is the future of Call Centers?

We are entering a new frontier, with speeds determined only by the amount of financial and human capital providers are willing to provide for AI research and Implementation. However, at this time it will never replace the satisfaction of getting a human response to our questions, for now..  

Is AI going to take control over how we live and how we interact? Call Centers

The growth and influence of AI over humans is already covertly growing. AI is already enhancing parts of lives: From Virtual assistants (SIRI, Alexa, Google Assitance), self-driving cars and right down to your phone in your pocket.  Technology is already is allowing us to have a PC in our hands. As much as AI continues to grow in this field and the next, it will continue to compete with a traditional human to human interactions. But AI continues to learn and grow, this competition for human attention may one day be lost to machines. However, I don’t see that time will be in the immediate near future…  for now.

I’ll continue to do additional research in this area for more information and will provide any useful insights.

Article base on https://www.nojitter.com/ai-speech-technologies/exploring-ais-impact-call-center-operations

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