We take our work very seriously as Connempathy is also HIPAA and PCI aligned working with the lead brand cloud based platforms

Let us take that burden away from you.

Data Security

Safeguarding information ensures the organization’s longevity. We have authentication, authorization and data security measures along with integrations with third party platforms to create a complete shield around our customer’s data. Plus, every new employee signs a non-disclosure agreement prior to get the job.

Site Security

Our IT team has daily, weekly and monthly checklist protocols to prevent and maintain our LAN free of uninvited guests. utilizing hardware (firewalls, routers, and proxy servers) and software (malware, antivirus). While all data in transit is protected with SSL Encryption and SFTP Jailed environment.

Network Security

Our IT team employs firewalls, routers, unique user emails and passwords to maintain security on our network. These have monitoring systems in place. An SSL Encryption systems protect data in transit and an SFTP transition on a Jailed environment. Additionally, our operations floor is ruled by a paperless and non-electronic environment.


When a planned or unexpected outage occurs, we have the capacity to continue working off the grid (electrical or internet outages) ensuring that all core systems and applications keeps running and continuing serving your customers with a guaranteed “Up-time” service level of 98.8%.

Outsourcing IT in Mexico is more efficient, cost effective, and faster than all alternatives beyond borders. English proficiency, especially in the IT Industry, is no longer a barrier between companies in the U.S and the growing pool of talent emerging from Mexico's universities. So if you're looking to outsource IT, the destination is Mexico.