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Near-Shore Traveling with On-Shore Quality keeping the Off-Shore benefits

If you are a U.S. company that is considering outsourcing your customer service, sales, or support call center, near-shore outsourcing is a much safer bet than off-shoring.

There’s a lot of reasons why to choose near-shore outsourcing, but let’s talk about the main reasons why it is much safer bet than off-shore outsourcing:

  • Proximity to the U.S./li>
  • Similar Time Zones
  • Cultural Awareness

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    Why choose Us as your Outsourcing provider?

    No matter if you are looking for a Call Center, Contact Center or BPO, We take our work very seriously.

    New channel services are required in order to provide adequate response time for any inquiries. We will be your first line of service so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let us take that burden away from you.

    Similar Time Zones

    Because it is essential for your business to get things done during regular business hours, Nearshore outsourcing is your best option to handle business in or around the same time zones as where your headquarters is located. You can set up conference calls and have real-time communication without calculating time zone differentials.

    Proximity to the U.S.

    Traveling to our call center location is a lot easier; we are in Baja Mexico just 3 hours away driving southbound from Los Angeles CA. (Or 30 min from SD).
    Would you exchange long flights that take you halfway around the world with much shorter trips where you can reach your destination in a little as 1-4 hours (not 24 hours)?

    Cultural Awareness

    U.S. consumers prefer to interact with native English speakers.
    Our natural bilingual customer support specialists featuring bi-cultural capabilities with an amazing outcome: people that understands your customers needs and inquiries establishing a connection with great empathy.

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